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01 Contents 02 | Certificate of quality 03 | High quality at low prices 04 | Business plan 06 | Car incentive concept 08 | Potential income 13 | Strategy for success 14 | Business partners 15 | Partner website 16 | e-Commerce Preface Dear Business Partner Welcome to Vegas Cosmetics Direct sales, the - Network Marketing -, has changed dramatically during the past few years. New companies, new products and new opportunities, such as the internet, have made their presence known. The direct sales concept has opened doors for thousands of people to gain a new business perspective, start a second job or even a full time career. Vegas Cosmetics has been familiar with this business since 2003. To date, our success story revolves around clear values diligently cultivated: fair partnership, finest quality, attractive prices and excellent earning opportunities. In this information brochure we would like to bring you closer to the long lasting and solid business policy of our company. Be it modern and trendy fragrances, exclusive skin care products, beauty enhancing cosmetics, exclusive jewelry, or high quality nutritional supplements, we guarantee natural ingredients, profitable products and a rewarding income. Interested? Great. Take your time to read the following pages and we promise, it will be worth your while! COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Germany COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Portugal Carlos Fernandes Founder Nelson da Costa Founder